Our team

Jehad Mohamed

Communication and community management specialist


CRISE Intl website and IT manager

Alejandra Scelles-Torres

Religious specialist, in charge of the Liberanos project

Jean-Sébastien Mallet

International specialist in business relations, in charge of the CONNECT project

“Crise International” (Center for Research and Information on Sexual Exploitation – Center for Research and Information on Sexual Exploitation) is an organization created in 2019 with the objectives of providing the general public with information and advanced research on subjects linked to trafficking in human beings, prostitution and pimping.

First composed of a small team of personalities committed to the abolition of prostitution, we subsequently asked students and researchers to carry out research and studies. We also wish to strengthen our relations with companies, administrations, press agencies, etc. in order to give greater visibility to our activity and to our partners and to forge new partnerships.


Our main objective is to address the lack of information and compelling statistics on the subject of sexual exploitation in the world.

To this end, we have notably carried out a series of studies on specific themes, which are available in our documentation center, and which relate to:

the presentation of the associative universe
the presentation of the two main streams of regulation (pro-prostitution) and abolitionist (anti-prostitution)
research on sexual exploitation in specific countries and geographic areas
statistical studies and research on pimping environments
the institutional responses of States and the means put in place
the positions and decisions of major international NGOs
etc …

The documentation center:

Our site provides everyone with an online documentary space, offering its visitors documents dealing with sexual exploitation.
As a simple visitor, you can access it via the identifiers below. When you access the documentation center this information is already entered, you just have to click on the button: “connection”

By committing to our side as a collaborator, you have the possibility of having certain privileges in the use of our online community tools. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

These tools are offered to visitors registered on our documentation center and provide them with written means of discussion (discussion forums, social networks) and voice chat (using the Discord platform). Unregistered visitors only have restricted access to all of these features.

To register and obtain these privileges, you must contact us


The online library with many books on sexual exploitation is accessible to everyone in the section “Library


Our site offers news monitoring about sexual exploitation and the events activity of associations.

Vocal server “Discord”:

Discord is a voice chat software, which also provides users with written chat sections.
The use of this service is free, but like the documentation center, a large part of its functionality is reserved for registered members of our site (contributors and collaborators)

You can get there by clicking here, the use of a microphone is recommended.

Social networks:

We want to ensure a presence and animation of social networks. You can now follow the CRISE Intl twitter account and stay informed of news and our activity

Contents production:
In addition to the production of documents, studies and research on sexual exploitation, we wish to collaborate with video makers and youtubers, in order to create video clips and other media aimed at raising public awareness.


We are continuously looking for new partners (academics, researchers, volunteers …) for carrying out studies, translations, funding, media visibility etc …

You can find more information on the collaborations that we offer in the section “Get involved!” at the top of this page.

Our organization wishes to forge links between associations in the field, offer companies partnerships in order to better inform about the dangers of prostitution and make specialized and unpublished documentation available to all.

Our ambition is to collaborate with a maximum of socio-professional categories:

  • doctors
  • magistrates
  • communication agencies
  • universities, national administrations
  • business leaders and various managers
  • journalists
  • policies
  • influential personalities

We also offer companies, schools and associations that so wish, training and awareness campaigns on these subjects presented in the “companies” section.

Any help is welcome to strengthen the fight against sexual exploitation, and thus offer victims prospects for the future outside the prostitution system, in dignity and by providing them with the means to escape.

The CRISE International team