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Do you know if your company is free of any sort of sex trafficking?

Leading companies have zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment, and with the same belief, the next step is to incorporate a zero-tolerance policy against sex trafficking. Data show that the majority of victims and survivors of sex trafficking are underage girls and women who are under the poverty line. Sex trafficking happen every day in several field, at work! The numbers are increasing.

Many leading business in several fields are becoming more involved in the fight against sex trafficking and human trafficking. It happens everywhere, using tools and services available in our everyday lives. A21 launched Can You See Me? Campaign in several countries that show how prevalent human trafficking and sex trafficking is in different scenarios and identification guides such as in cabs, trains, rideshares or buses.

Why and how companies can lead the fight against sex trafficking?

Sex trafficking is one of the most pressing violations that threatens majorly young girls and women who fall under the poverty line. It is a widely spread issue with little knowledge of its deep and rooted existence in different fields. With the rise of commitment of different businesses to be part, and lead efforts for their Corporate Social Responsibility, there are big companies that are in the leading front to combat sex trafficking.

As technologies evolve and change, also are the trafficking methods used by pimping groups around the world. It is crucial now to use and tailor the most accessible and highly developed resources in most business fields to play a crucial role in preventing sex trafficking.

We would like you to join us in efforts to prevent sex trafficking in the business world and to live up to our desired better future through our corporate social responsibility.

We will not succeed if business does not take a share in this fight. Most Leading companies care about women rights, human rights and democracy, and this question of sex exploitation threatens democracy and as dangerous as corruption. It is only right to follow the same path and fight for a future free of sex trafficking!