Students and schools

As a student you have the need to carry out research work, dissertations and other studies.

As an International Research Center, CRISE Intl gives you the opportunity to carry out your research and work on the theme of sexual exploitation using our numerous documents available on our documentation center.

You also have the possibility of using our collaboration tools (Discord, Forum) to work as a team with your comrades, but also to get in touch with our members from the international associative universe …

Everything is in place to allow you to work in a group in a dematerialized way and to exchange and store documents and ideas between you safely.

You will thus have the means to carry out your studies and dissertations on a topical subject, which represents an important problem in our society and an increase in vulnerabilities: sexual exploitation.

The possibility of allowing you to carry out internships in our structure is also being studied.



We can help you engage your institution in educating your students about sexual exploitation and the risks of prostitution.
Young people are particularly concerned by this social problem and better informing them about it will help reduce the risks that they may one day find themselves in a situation which would force them to cash in on their bodies.
For more information you can consult the companies section and the Connect project of our site, or get in touch with us.